Q1 What is the Osaka Amazing Pass like?

A. Osaka Amazing Pass is a convenient sightseeing transportation ticket with a great deal which includes admissions to sightseeing facilities and free-rides on trains/buses in Osaka City.

Q2 Are there different kinds? And where can I purchase it?

A. There are 1 Day Pass and 2 Day Pass. The differences between 1 Day Pass and 2 Day Pass are as follows. Please use whichever is convenient for you. The sale places are different for 1 Day Pass and 2 Day Pass. Here is the detail.

Kind of Pass Valid period Range for train-rides Fee
1 Day Pass 1 Day only Osaka Metro, Trains except JR Lines, and Osaka City Bus
(See the route map in detail.)
2 Day Pass Consecutive 2 days Osaka Metro, Osaka City Bus(See the route map in detail.) 3,600yen

*As for free facilities, facilities with discount/benefit, there is no difference between 1 Day Pass and 2 Day Pass.
(However, even with the 2-day pass, free admission to each facilities is limited to once per facility.)

Q3 How can I use it?

A. Please see the Usage Guide.

Q4 Where can I purchase it?

Please see the Sales Locations.

Q5 Is there a pass for children?

A. A pass for children is not available. Please use the same “Osaka Amazing Pass” for adults, or purchase “Enjoy Eco Card” for children (300yen) and pay an admission fee at each facility when entering.
*You can receive discount on the main sightseeing facilities by presenting the “Enjoy Eco Card”. In addition, there are many admission-free facilities for children such as Osaka Castle Museum, Osaka Museum of Natural History and Osaka Museum of Housing and Living, so you can purchase the one which amounts to a better deal by comparing the two according to your plan.
As a reference, here is the list of fees for facilities which require admissions for children. The fees and conditions may change, so please check a website of each facility for details.

Q6 Do I have to use it on the day I purchase the pass?

A. You can purchase the pass in advance. You enter a facility on the day you want to use the pass, or let the Osaka Amazing Pass go through the automatic ticket gate of a train. (1 Day Pass is valid for one day; 2 Day Pass is valid for two consecutive days. Not for 24 hours use. The day of use starts from the first train and ends at the last train. (around 5am to around 12-midnight)
In addition, please use it within the valid period indicated on the back of Osaka Amazing Pass.

Q7 Can I get a refund?

A. Only when Transportation Pass is unused, you can get a refund at a place of purchase. (The prescribed fee is necessary.)

Q8 Can I exchange from a 1Day Pass to a 2Day Pass by paying the difference?

A. You cannot. Please purchase a 2 Day Pass separately, and get a refund for the 1 Day Pass at the place of purchase.

Q9 I have a pass of 2022 version. Can I exchange it to a pass of 2023 version?

A. You cannot. Even if the pass of 2022 version is still in a valid period, you cannot exchange it to a 2023 version.
Please use it within a valid period. In addition, as for an expired Osaka Amazing Pass, you cannot get a refund or exchange.

Q10 Can I purchase it on the internet?

A. We are sorry but you cannot. Please purchase it when you arrive in Japan. Here is the list of Sales Locations.

Q11 Are there any changes in the 2023 version from the 2022 version

①Natural Spa Naniwanoyu, Natural Open-Air Hot Spring Spa Suminoe, Sakai Municipal Machiya Historical Museum Seigakuin, and Sakai Municipal Machiya Historical Museum Yamaguchi Residence are excluded from the facilities available for free.

②Free admission to the Umeda Sky Building Sky Garden Observation Deck has been changed to until 16:00.

③In general, free admission to LEGOLAND® Discovery Center Osaka is now available from Tuesday to Friday.
*Please see Q14 for details.

Q12 Can I use the pass on separate days for trains and facilities?

A. The use for transportations and free admission facilities must be on the same day. You may not use it on separate days.
(e.g. When you use it for transportations on May 1, you may not use it to enter free admission facilities on May 3.)
For discount facilities and shops with benefits, you may use it on separate days.

Q13 There are too many facilities and I don’t know where to visit. Which ones do you most recommend?

The page listing Model Courses will offer you some good suggestions.

Q14 It is hard to choose one from several cruises. Could you tell me how to choose?

The page giving detailed explanations about the cruises will be helpful.

Q15 Is there anything I should be be advised of before going to LEGOLAND Discovery Center?

①There must be at least one adult (over 16 years old) and one child (under 15 years old) to enter. Also, all adults should be accompanied by at least one child and all children should be accompanied by at least one adult.

②Free admission is generally only available from Tuesday to Friday.
(※Excluded from free of charge during  Sat,Sun,Mon,holiday and 4/1~4/10、4/29~5/8、7/15~8/31、9/15、9/30~10/9、11/24、12/22~2024/1/8、3/16~3/31) (month/date)

③If you do not have a reservation, you will not be able to enter. Please be sure to make a reservation in advance. Reservations must be made on the facility's official website.