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Staff's recommended route

Recommended routes chosen
by Osaka Amazing Pass staff!

Transportation cost
780 yen
Free sightseeing facilities
3,900 yen

2,800 yen with the Osaka Amazing Pass 1 Day Ticket

You save
1,880 yen!

You save more when you use limited-time facilities, and facilities and shops that come with benefits!

Start 9:00(Tennoji Station)

Osaka Tennoji Zoo

(normally500 yen)


Tsutenkaku Tower

(normally800 yen)
Free admission: all day from Mon to Fri,and after 6 pm on Sat, Sun and holidays

They say you will receive a divine favor after you stroke the golden Billiken’s foot!
Also, don’t miss the painting on the ceiling above the entrance reproduced for the first time in 100 years.

37 "Tsutenkaku Tower Special Observatory’s Viewing Paradise”, also is a recommendation! (200 yen OFF)


Lunch & Free Time

Nankai Electric Railway Shin-Imamiya Station

(Nankai Electric Railway)

Nankai Electric Railway Sakai Station


Sakai Plaza of Rikyu and Akiko

(Admission 300 yen, green and sweets served while seated at tables 500 yen)

You can appreciate the worlds of art and the lives of the master of tea ceremony “Sen no Rikyu” and a poet who contributed to Japanese modern literature “Yosano Akiko”.


Nankai Electric Railway Sakai Station

(Nankai Electric Railway)

Nankai Electric Railway Namba Station

M20 Namba Station

(Osaka Metro Midosuji Line)

M18 C16 Hommachi Station

(Osaka Metro Chuo Line)

C18 Tanimachi 4-chome Station


Osaka Castle Museum

(normally600 yen)

Inside the castle is a museum! Many must-sees such as the restored golden tea room and a rare chance to wear the costume of a warlord or princess in the Sengoku period!
When you look over the city of Osaka from the observatory, you might feel as if you were the ruler!?

32 Important Cultural Property, Osaka Castle Yagura (Turrets) also are recommended spots!(usually 700 yen) *Open for a limited time



(normally1,200 yen)

A museum of wonders and discovery, standing in front of Osaka Castle. Enjoy a powerful performance (for additional fee) and magic experience!


T23 Tanimachi 4-chome Station

(Osaka Metro Tanimachi Line)

T27 Tennoji Station