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Family Fun Course

Family-friendly facilities are selected.
Make your Osaka trip a wonderful memory.

Transportation cost
1,250 yen
Free sightseeing facilities
6,370 yen

2,800 yen with the Osaka Amazing Pass 1 Day Ticket

You save
4,820 yen!
(4,920 yen on Sat, Sun, Holiday!)

Start 9:00(Nishi-Umeda Station)

Y11 Nishi-Umeda Station

(Osaka Metro Yotsubashi Line)

180 yen

Y12 Higobashi Station


Osaka Science Museum

(normally400 yen)

Learn about science and space while having fun!
There are full of tricks both children and grown-ups can enjoy.


Y12 Higobashi Station

(Osaka Metro Yotsubashi Line)

Y16 M21 Daikokucho Station

(Osaka Metro Midosuji Line)

230 yen

M22 Dobutsuen-mae Station

Animals from the great nature welcome you♪
Follow the animal footprints to reach the exit nearest to the Tennoji Zoo!


Osaka Tennoji Zoo

(normally500 yen)

Let’s look at unique lifestyles of animals!
Check out their snack time so as not to miss their cute actions.



Use the pass and eat Osaka specialty foods at a great value!
You can also buy a boxed lunch and eat outdoor!


T27 Tennoji Station

(Osaka Metro Tanimachi Line)

T23 C18 Tanimachi 4-chome Station

(Osaka Metro Chuo Line)

280 yen

C11 Osakako Station


LEGOLAND® Discovery Center Osaka

(normally2,400 yen)

Never miss the city of Osaka made with 1 million LEGO ® blocks!
There is a space where you can express your ideas in free creations.


Cruise Ship Santa Maria Day Cruise

(normally1,600 yen)

Let’s explore Osaka Bay on a boat modeled after Columbus’s flagship!
Pirates may appear on weekends!?


Tempozan Giant Ferris Wheel

(normally800 yen)

Overlook the port town from the world’s largest Ferris wheel!
It enjoys great popularity for its see-through gondolas complete with a transparent floor. The illumination on the Ferris wheel shows fireworks, kaleidoscopic designs, weather forecasts, and many other images against a backdrop of the night sky. Named the Illumination Art by Great Ferris Wheel, such arrangement is the first of the kind in the world!


C11 Osakako Station

(Osaka Metro Chuo Line)

C10 P09 Cosmosquare Station

(Osaka Metro Nanko Port Town Line)

280 yen

P18 Suminoekoen Station


Natural Open-air Hot Spring Spa Suminoe

(weekdays 670 yen, Sat, Sun, Holiday 770 yen)

Relieve your fatigue from having fun all day!
Why don’t you look back on the day with your kid(s) while taking a bath?


Y21 Suminoekoen Station

(Osaka Metro Yotsubashi Line)

280 yen

Y11 Nishi-Umeda Station



There are so many restaurants in Kita area that you will sure to find what you have wanted to eat.