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Culture Appreciation Course

Go beyond time and space to touch the Osaka culture locals are proud of.
After walking a long distance over many stairs, you can enjoy a hot spring bath to remove your fatigue!

Transportation cost
870 yen
Free sightseeing facilities
4,400 yen

Valid for the regular exhibition. Use for a special exhibition is 4,700 yen.

2,800 yen with the Osaka Amazing Pass 1 Day Ticket

You save
2,470 yen!
Use for a special exhibition is 2,770 yen

Start 8:15(Tennoji Station)

T27Tennoji Station

(Osaka Metro Tanimachi Line)

180 yen

T26 Shitennoji-mae Yuhigaoka Station


Shitennoji Temple (Chushingaran, Hombo Garden)

(normally300 yen)

It opens at 8:30 am. Get up early and enjoy a morning walk!
Stop by at Arahaka Inari Daimyojin Shrine, which is open to public since December, 2016.


T26 Shitennoji-mae Yuhigaoka Station

(Osaka Metro Tanimachi Line)

180 yen

T23 Tanimachi 4-chome Station


Osaka Castle Museum

(normally600 yen)

Inside the castle is a museum! Many must-sees such as the restored golden tea room and a rare chance to wear the costume of a warlord or princess in the Sengoku period!
When you look over the city of Osaka from the observatory, you might feel as if you were the ruler!?

32 Important Cultural Property, Osaka Castle Yagura (Turrets) also are recommended spots! (normally700 yen)*Open for a limited time

Osaka-jo Gozabune Boat

(normally1,500 yen)


Osaka Museum of History

(Permanent exhibit 600 yen)

A true-size restoration of part of the Naniwa Palace of the Nara period is really impressive!
Lucky visitors can have a chance to try on the clothes of government officials in those days.



Use the pass to eat at a great value!
Get souvenirs unique to Osaka!


T23 Tanimachi 4-chome Station

(Osaka Metro Tanimachi Line)

230 yen

T18 Tenjinbashisuji 6-chome Station


Osaka Museum of Housing and Living

(Permanent exhibit 600 yen, special exhibition 300 yen)

What the town of Osaka was like in the Edo period is reproduced in the true size!
You can feel like an Osaka citizen of that time through Kimono-wearing experience and by the changing atmosphere of the town according to the time.


Natural Hot Spring Naniwa no Yu

(normally800 yen)

Get refreshed at an urban oasis!
After bathing in a natural outdoor bath called Beauty Hot Spring, you’ll find your skin silky smooth!?


T18 Tenjinbashisuji 6-chome Station

(Osaka Metro Tanimachi Line)

280 yen

T27 Tennoji Station



In Tennoji area, there are many restaurants and shops where you can use the pass!
Eat Osaka specialty foods at a great value!