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Osaka Amazing Pass Emergency
Medical Interpretation Service Rules of Use


These rules are the terms that apply when an Osaka Amazing Pass* holder (hereinafter referred to as “user”), which is issued by the Osaka Convention and Tourism Bureau (hereinafter referred to as “OCTB”), undergo medical treatment for illness or injury with the provided medical interpretation service (hereinafter referred to as “this service”).

*The Osaka Amazing Passes issued by OCTB consist of 3 types of Osaka Amazing Pass.
1. 1 Day Pass (Osaka area edition):
May be used for unlimited rides on all lines of the Osaka Municipal Subway, New Tram, and buses; and on Hankyu, Hanshin, Keihan, Kintetsu, and Nankai railway lines primarily within Osaka City.
2. 2 Day Pass:
Valid for two consecutive days. May be used for unlimited rides on all lines of the Osaka Municipal Subway, New Tram, and buses. May not be used on private railways.
3. 1 Day Pass (Nankai Kansai-Airport edition):
In addition to the transportation lines in the Osaka area edition, other designated areas of the Hankyu, Hanshin, and Nankai railway lines are included.

(Terms and Conditions for Use of This Service)

The user may utilize this service when undergoing medical treatment at a medical facility when any of the following conditions apply:
If injured by a sudden and unexpected external accident and, as a direct consequence, medical treatment is commenced during the validity period.
If becoming ill during the validity period of an Osaka Amazing Pass and, as a direct result, medical treatment is commenced within the validity period.
If, as a direct result of a pre-existing illness, one’s symptoms suddenly worsen during the validity period and medical treatment is commenced within the validity period.

(Service Details)

This service is a medical interpretation service conducted by telephone between 3 parties in 2 locations and is defined as follows.
The validity period for this service is designated as the period from the initial use of the Osaka Amazing Pass on one of the included train or bus lines or at one of the free-admission facilities, until the final train of that day for the 1 day pass, and until the final train on the 2nd consecutive day for the 2 day pass.
This service is that provided when a user calls the dedicated call center and the interpreter-operator translates and relays English, Chinese, or Korean to Japanese to the medical facility staff.
At the time of using this service, it is agreed that the interpreter-operator will be informed by the user or medical facility staff of the user’s name, Osaka Amazing Pass number, the Osaka Amazing Pass date of use, the time and date of accident or illness, name of hospital visited, and other necessary information for providing this service.
On questions regarding eligibility for interpretation, the interpreter-operator reserves the right to make a decision based on information provided by the user during the request for interpretation, in order to determine if eligible for this service, and as such if the interpreter-operator determines ineligibility and does not provide interpretation, the user releases the OCTB from any opposition, grievances or claims.
The accuracy of information, results, and so forth provided through this service are not in any means guaranteed by the OCTB (including the interpreter-operators), and the decision to refuse or accept of any information, results and so forth, is strictly at the individual discretion of the user. The OCTB (including the interpreter-operators) is released from any liability or other claims, even should the user suffer harm through this service.
The user accepts that a high concentration of calls from users of this service at the same time could make it difficult to get connected to the designated call center.

(Limitations of Service)

The OCTB will not provide this service if any of the following conditions are applicable.
The user is at fault or grossly negligent.
The user is involved in suicidal activities, criminal activities, or fighting.
The user is involved in an accident that occurs during any of the following:
a. Operating a motor vehicle (car, scooter, etc.) without a valid drivers license(1).
b. Driving under the influence as defined in Road and Traffic Law (1960, Law No. 105) Article 65 Section 1.
c. Operating a motor vehicle when one may be unable to drive correctly due to the influence of opium, marijuana, heroin, stimulants, thinners, or other narcotics.
A penalty is being enforced on the user.
The incident is related to war, acts of force by a foreign country, revolution, political takeover, civil war, armed insurrection, or a similar event. However, acts of terror(2) are excluded.
The accident is attributed to the radioactivity or explosiveness of and other possible harm caused by nuclear fuel material(3) or by things polluted by nuclear fuel material(4).
Accidents that occur following or because of conditions 5 or 6, and due to disturbances in the public order following either of those conditions.
Exposure to radiation or radioactive pollution for reasons other than condition 6.

(1)drivers license
Defined according to the laws of Japan.
(2)Acts of terror
Defined as violent acts related to the political, social, religious, ideological principles or beliefs that are carried out by groups, individuals, or other related parties holding such principles or beliefs.
(3) Nuclear fuel material
Includes spent fuel.
(4)Things polluted by nuclear fuel material
Includes products of nuclear fission.

(Limitations of Service Part 2)

The OCTB will not provide this service if the user has suffered injury due to an accident during any of the following.
The user is using a vehicle(5) in a race or similar competition. However, if condition 3 is applicable this does not apply.
While using a vehicle at the location for race or similar competiton, and operating with the way and the condition in accordance with the race or the competiton. However, if following 3 is applicable, this does not apply. Also this service will be provided while using an automobile or the likes on the road with the way and the condition in accordance with the race or the competiton.
While using an automobile or the likes on the road occupied and restricted traffic with legal permission, and on the road with the way and the condition in accordance with the race or the competiton.

(5) Vehicles
Automobiles etc., motor boats (including jet skis), go karts, snowmobiles and the like.

(Service Limitations Part 3)

The OCTB will not provide this service if any of the following conditions are applicable.
If the purpose of the user’s trip is to seek treatment for or to alleviate the symptoms of an injury or illness.
If the user has made plans to undergo treatment* at a hospital or clinic within Japan before beginning use of his/her Osaka Amazing Pass.

*Plans to undergo treatment include having made appointments to be examined or having made arrangements to be hospitalized.

(Suspension of Service)

The OCTB will stop providing all or a part of this service, or may alter the contents of this service, if any of the following apply.
If the facilities operated by the Osaka Amazing Pass are undergoing inspection or construction, etc.
In the event of a major disaster, emergency, or other unavoidable circumstance.
In addition to the aforementioned, if the OCTB determines it is necessary to do so due to operational, technical or other similar reasons in the facilities necessary to provide this service.

(Changes to Rules of Use)

The OCTB may change the rules of use without informing the user.
If changes are made to the rules as stated above, the OCTB will, in principle disclose the changes by posting them on the OCTB website and so forth.
From the day on which changes, as specified in article 1, are enforced, the OCTB is not responsible for damages that may be incurred by the user or a third party based on the changes to the operation of this service as set forth in the rules of use.

(Insurance Company Contract)

To ensure the provision of this service, as a measure of protection, the OCTB has entered into an insurance contract with an insurance company for all or part of the expenses related to the interpretation service.

(Application of These Rules)

By using this service, every user accepts and agrees to the terms set forth in these rules of use.
If a legal dispute arises regarding these rules it will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Osaka District Court.

Additional Clauses

These terms apply to all Osaka Amazing Passes used on or after the 1 day of the October month of the year 2017.