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Notes Regarding Use of the Osaka Amazing Pass

  • The use time for 1 day pass for free admission facilities is from its opening until closing time on the day of use. For use on public transport is from the first service to the last service on the day of. (It cannot be used after 24 hours from the first use.)
    *Facilities and public transport do not operate 24 hours.
  • To Expo’70 Commemorative Park, you can only take the route that goes through “Esaka Station” to “Senri-Chuo Station”. You need to pay separate fee for other routes.
  • There are no passes for children.
  • Use the automatic ticket gate or bus’s payment machine when taking trains or buses.
  • When you want to enter admission-free facilities, show the pass at the entrance of each facility.
  • When you enter facilities which you can use with your pass and a “TOKU × 2” coupon, detach the coupon and submit it, with showing the pass at the entrance of each facility. The “TOKU x 2” coupon can still be used until April 30, 2019.
  • When you put the pass through the ticket gate of trains and buses, the date which the pass can be used will be printed on the back of the pass. If you want to visit a facility before your first ride, staff will write the date on the back of the card.
  • To use Kintetsu Nankai or Keihan line special express trains with reserved seats, you will also need to pay an extra charge such as a special express fee.
  • Please let the station staff know if the magnetic strip of your pass no longer works or if you’re unable to use it on train/bus ticket gates.
  • Passes and guide books with the “TOKU x 2” coupons cannot be reissued even if lost. Also, additional coupons cannot be issued when the coupons have already been used up.
  • Refunds are only possible during the valid period printed on the back of the passes and for passes and guidebook with the “TOKU x 2” coupons that are completely unused. See the location you purchased the pass for refunds. In that case, a prescribed refund charge is required.
    Please contact the selling travel agency for refunds of the exchange coupon you purchased there if you have not exchanged it yet. Refunds will not be given after the exchange. Also, refunds will not be given for Osaka Amazing Pass purchased from a travel agency.
  • You cannot exchange a 1 day pass to a 2 day pass, or vice versa.
  • For special exhibits, extra charges are required. For details, please confirm with each facility.
  • Refunds will not be given after usage of the transportation pass, even if some of the transportaion services are suspended, or some facilities are closed temporarily.
  • When using the pass illegally, the pass and coupons will become invalid and recalled. Extra admission fees and usage fees will be collected according to the rules of each facility.
  • When using the transportation pass outside of the valid area, a separate train/bus fare is needed. Please ask the station staff.
  • Coupons and the pass cannot be used in conjunction with other discounts.
  • Some details of the Osaka Amazing Pass might change without notice.
  • We will not bear any responsibilities for trouble with Osaka Amazing Pass that was purchased out of the official store (including net auctions and resale).