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Usage Guide

Show your pass to use the Osaka Amazing Pass

The pass is valid on the day you use it for the train, bus or one of the
charge-free facilities for the first time. (Until the next day for a 2 day pass.)

1.Use the pass and get on trains and buses.

When you let the pass go through the automatic ticket gate, you can ride unlimitedly all day (or 2 consecutive days for a 2-day pass) on that day! It allows you to travel easily, so enjoy going around many areas.

*The use starts from the first train and ends at the last train on the day (until the last train of the following day for a 2-day pass) of use.
Not for 24 hours (1-day pass), 48 hours (2-day pass) from the first use.

2.Visit facilities with your transportation pass.

You can enter more than 40 facilities for free once at each place when you present the pass at the counter of the facilities. Valid only on the day of use of the pass. (Two consecutive days for a 2-day pass.)

*However,free admission to each facilities is limited to once per facility.

The use of trains and buses and free admission to facilities are limited to the same day/2days.

3.Get special offers at famous spots.

Present the pass so you can receive benefits at more than 40 facilities and stores.

You can receive benefits until April 30, 2024.

You can receive benefits by just showing your pass!