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Check each facilities' business condition beforehand!!
Due to prevent from the spread of COVID-19, some facilities may be changed their business hours, be temporarily closed, or be restricted admissions.

Present the pass so you can receive benefits at more than 15 facilities.

[Closed]Open all year round
[Regular fee]1,500 yen
[Special Privileges]Admission 30% OFF
[Closed]Mon (next weekday if holiday), Year-end and New Year holidays, period between exhibits
[Regular fee]Depends on the exhibit
[Special Privileges]The rate for special  exhibits will be reduced to group discount rate even for 1 person. (Privilidges offered during co-hosted exhibitions depend on the event held.)
[Closed]No set closing days (closed same days as Tempozan Marketplace)
[Special Privileges]Entry with discounted price (2300 yen) available on Saturdays, Sundays, holidays and those excluded from free of charge
10% OFF at the adjoining shop
注意事項Entry of adults (age 16 and older) only or children (age 15 and under) only are not allowed
注意事項Admission restriction may take place in case of congestion
[Closed]Open all year round
[Regular fee]300 yen (Admission for Tsutenkaku Tower is required separately.)
[Special Privileges]100 yen OFF from the admission fee
[Closed]Mon (next weekday if holiday), Dec 28-Jan 4
[Period] the special exhibit , scheduled for February 23, 2024-May 19
[Regular fee]Adults: 500 yen, Students in High School or University: 300 yen
[Special Privileges]receive a 100 yen discount on entry
[Closed]3rd Tue (next weekday if holiday), Dec 29-Jan 3
[Regular fee]800yen
[Special Privileges]Benefit: 20% discount on tea ceremony experience (Ryurei-style tea served while seated at tables)
注意事項You cannot use Nankai Electric Railway with the 2 day pass. If you are using the 2 day pass in Sakai area, you need a separate fee to go to the nearest station.
[Closed]No set closing days
[Regular fee]Adults: 2,000 yen, children (age 4 - 12): 1,000 yen
[Special Privileges]Adults 200 yen OFF, Children 100 yen OFF (Available only for cash payment at Osaka Station JR Express Bus Terminal Ticket Center on the day.)
注意事項There is no getting off the bus for sightseeing.
注意事項In case of a bad weather, it may be necessary to close the roof during operation.
注意事項It takes about 1 hr. The ride is unavailable for age 3 and younger to ensure safety.
注意事項Operating time may be changed without notice.
[Closed]Jul 13, 24, 25, Dec 29 - Jan 3
[Regular fee]3,500 yen (Spring Special Period: – Apr 9, 2023, Mar 23 - Apr 14, 2024, 4,000 yen, no discount available)
[Special Privileges]Adults 500 yen OFF
注意事項No discount available during the special spring period.
[Closed]Tue,Fri and Closes for maintenance
[Regular fee]Regular pass: 600 yen
[Special Privileges]Regular pass 100 yen OFF
注意事項Service may be suspended in the stormy weather.
注意事項Customers under age 18 can only use the facility until 10pm according to the law. You cannot use the facility even if accompanied by a person of 18 years and above.
We may ask you to present your ID such as passport to confirm your age.
[Closed]No set closing days (closed same days as EDION Namba Main Store)
[Regular fee]1,000 yen
[Special Privileges]Experience fee of 1,000 yen become 500 yen
[Closed]No set closing days, Aug 11 – 15, Jan 1 – 5
[Regular fee]Star performances including Kamigata Traditional Performing Arts Night for Beginners, etc. 3,500 yen – 5,500 yen
[Special Privileges]Free gift of “Yamamoto Noh Theater × graf” original hand towel with paid admission to the original performances (1,000 yen value).
[Closed]Open all year round
[Regular fee]1,800 yen
[Special Privileges]Admission 10% OFF
注意事項Open hours are subject to change. 
Please check the facilities official page for up-to-the-minute information.
[Closed]In some months, Year-end and New Year holidays, and period between exhibits
*Subject to change
[Regular fee]Depends on the exhibit
[Special Privileges]A group discount rate for a special exhibit instead of 1 person rate
[Closed]Open all year round
[Regular fee]Adults (age 12 or older) from 1,500 yen, Children (age under 12) from 1,000 yen
[Special Privileges]Regular period: Adults 200 yen OFF, Children 100 yen OFF
1,000 yen Campaign period: Adults and children 100 yen OFF
注意事項Inquire facility for period details
[Closed]3rd Tue (next weekday if holiday), Dec 29 - Jan 3
It is occasionally closed
[Special Privileges]Free gift by presenting the pass and a total purchase of 2,000 yen and more.
注意事項You cannot take Nankai Electric Railway trains with the 2-day pass. If you are visiting a facility in the Sakai area with the 2-day pass, you need a separate fare to go to the nearest station.
[Closed]No set closing days
[Regular fee]Free (Entertainment facilities have their own rates.)
[Special Privileges]Special coupon sheet at the 1st floor information desk in LaLaport EXPOCITY
注意事項Separate fares are required for Kita-Osaka Kyuko and Osaka Monorail.
When using the pass outside of the valid area, a separate train/bus fare is needed.
[Closed]Mon (next weekday if holiday), year-end and New Year holidays (Dec. 29-Jan. 2)
[Regular fee]500yen
[Special Privileges]20% discount on admission
Fares for the Hanshin Electric Railway are not covered by our 2-day pass. You will need to buy a ticket to Hanshin Electric Railway’s Amagasaki Station if you visit this facility using a 2-day pass.
[Closed]No set closing days
[Regular fee]Adults: 1,000 yen, children (age 6 - 15): 500 yen
Includes a gift for visitors
[Special Privileges]Admission 10% OFF

Check each facilities' business condition beforehand!!
Due to prevent from the spread of COVID-19, some facilities may be changed their business hours, be temporarily closed, or be restricted admissions.

For 66, other than the above reasons, the service is subjected to change without notice due to river condition, and maintenance of the cruise ship.
Please inquire at the facility for details.
There will be no refund even if you could not use the facility.

* Regular fee is for an Adult.
* The fee is subject to change. Please inquire at the facility for details such as the regular fee.