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11 Tombori River Cruise 無料

A cruise of about 20 minutes with a guide on Dotombori River. You can see the lively atmosphere of the streets of Minami from the boat.

050-1807-4118(9am - 6pm)
(Osaka Metro/Nankai) Namba Sta., (Hanshin/Kintetsu) Osaka Namba Sta.
Departs every half hour at 11 am until 9 pm
*The first and the last ship time are subject to change.
*Cruises may be cancelled.
Jul 13, 24, 25 *Other temporary closures are possible.

注意事項Required to show the pass at the ticket counter (opens an hour before the first ship ) and exchange for the designated cruise's boarding pass
注意事項It is recommended to exchange the ticket during the daytime since evening cruises sell out quickly
注意事項You can't go on board when all seats are taken
注意事項Operated in case of light rain
注意事項There may be more cruises depending on the season
注意事項Phone reservation is not accepted        

The service is subjected to change without notice due to river condition, and maintenance of the cruise ship.
Please inquire at the facility for details.
There will be no refund even if you could not use the facility.