Q1.Tell me how to use the Guide & Coupon app

First, download free the Guide & Coupon app.
App StoreGoogle Play
And then, scan your card number in the menu within the App.
How to use coupons

Q2.What is a difference between the App and the official site for Osaka Amazing Pass?

There are routes and spots which you can use by Osaka Amazing Pass in the official web site.
Furthermore, if you scan the number of your card in the menu within the App, you can get special offers of spots and shops.
Find to search your own route with your card.

Q3.I can’t get discount coupons, however I had already download the App.

please check if you record your card number.
See here

Q4.Can I record numbers of any cards for just one card?

One App is available for one card. If people use some coupons at the same time, show all cards for persons and only one coupon.
Notice, Some spots need some coupons for the number of people, so don’t forget to bring envelope with coupons.