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Osaka Amazing Pass

The Osaka Amazing Pass is very handy and easy to use.
Just by presenting the transportation
pass, you can use not only trains and buses
but free admission facilities!!
With the Guide & Coupon app, you can get even
better deals, even more conveniently.

Let's Download!

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Highlight of the Guide & Coupon app

Highlight of the Guide & Coupon app

Highlight of
the Guide & Coupon app!

You don’t need to carry a pamphlet around. (the app is equipped with a function of offline pamphlet)
The App is linked with the official website. You can get the latest information of the facility!
You can run a search for the route to the closest station. (Linked with NAVITIME)
Register the transportation pass you purchased on the App so you can use coupons for facilities and shops with benefits as many times as you want!!
*Unlimited use of the coupons is the privilege only on the App.

Get your chance for the seasonable discount information.

Using coupons


Get free coupons for places and restaurants that you cannot miss out in OSAKA!


It’s ok to use both homepage and App for
more information!

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Special offers (spots)
Special offers (shops)
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Calendar for spots and shops ×
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