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Sales Locations


Please note that we do not take any responsibility or liability for any trouble when you purchase the Osaka Amazing Pass at online auction sites, flea market apps, discounted ticket stores and resellers.

"×" indicates that sales are suspended."◎" Credit Cards Accepted.

1 day pass

2 day pass

Expo’70 Commemorative Park Edition

Visit Tourist Information(Shin-Osaka, Osaka, Namba, Kansai International Airport) for the actual Pass.

Osaka Metro(Subway)

All stationmasters’ offices at Osaka Metro stations

Osaka Metro Kiosks, vendor stalls etc.

Information Center,etc

Private Railways

■Hankyu Railway
Infomation counter at Osaka Umeda, Juso, Awaji Station or Hankyu tourrist center Osaka・Umeda


■Hanshin Railway
Stationmasters’ offices at Osaka Umeda and Amagasaki Station


■Keihan Electric Railway
The Station office at Nakanoshima, Yodoyabashi, Temmabashi, Kyobashi


■Kinki Nippon Railway
Counter at Osaka Namba, Osaka Uehommachi, Tsuruhashi, Osaka-Abenobashi and Kintetsu-Nagoya stations


■Nankai Railway
Each stations from Namba to Sakai,and from Shiomibashi to Nakamozu (Except some of the stations such as unmanned stops)


Hotels, etc. (Hotels with “★” offer Osaka Amazing Pass for only hotel guests.)

Shin-Osaka area

Umeda (Osaka Station) area [Kita]

OAP/Osaka Castle area

Namba area [Minami]

Bay area

USJ area

Out of Osaka City